Bedeutung von “sick” — Learner’s Dictionary


adjective us uk /sɪk/

A2 ill:

He was off work sick for most of last week.
They provide care for the sick.

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be sick

B1 If you are sick, food and drink comes up from your stomach and out of your mouth:

The baby was sick all down his shirt.
feel sick

A2 to feel that the food or drink in your stomach might soon come up through your mouth:

I was so nervous I felt quite sick.
be sick of sth informal

B2 to be bored with or annoyed about something that has been happening for a long time:

I'm sick of people telling me how to run my life.
It makes me sick. informal

something you say when you are jealous of someone:

She looks fantastic whatever she wears - it makes me sick.

cruel and unpleasant:

He's got a sick mind.
a sick joke

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