Bedeutung von “solid” — Learner’s Dictionary


adjective us uk /ˈsɒlɪd/
Extra Examples
The rocket's fuel is stored in solid form.The factory produces solid and liquid waste.Strain the liquid to remove any solid substances.Solid carbon dioxide is often called dry ice.Beneath the surface was a layer of solid rock.

B2 hard and firm without holes or spaces, and not liquid or gas:

solid ground
solid food

B2 strong and not easily broken or damaged:

solid furniture
solid gold/silver/wood, etc

gold/silver/wood, etc with nothing added:


continuing for a period of time without stopping:

The noise continued for two solid hours/two hours solid.
INFORMATION [ always before noun ]

Solid information, proof, etc is based on facts and you are certain that it is correct:

This provides solid evidence that he committed the crime.

honest and able to be trusted

solidity noun [ U ] us uk /səˈlɪdəti/
solidly adverb

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