Bedeutung von “some” — Learner’s Dictionary


pronoun, quantifier us uk strong /sʌm/ weak /səm/
Extra Examples
I'll just heat up some soup.She held out her glass for some more wine.I jotted down some notes during his speech.You could earn some extra cash by taking in foreign students.The company is having some financial difficulties at the moment.

A1 used to refer to an amount of something without saying exactly how much or how many:

You'll need a pair of scissors and some glue.
I can't eat all this chocolate, would you like some?
Could I have some more (= an extra amount of) paper, please?

A1 used to refer to part of a larger amount or number of something and not all of it:

In some cases it's possible to fix the problem right away.
Some of the children were frightened.

used to refer to someone or something when you do not know the name of it or exact details about it:

Some girl phoned for you, but she didn't leave a message.
some time/distance, etc

B2 a large amount of time, distance, etc:

I'm afraid it'll be some time before it's ready.

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