Bedeutung von “sort” — Learner’s Dictionary


noun us uk /sɔːt/
Extra Examples
Illness of any sort can leave you feeling low.He seems to be without pretensions of any sort.It's the sort of book you can dip into now and then.What sort of filling do you want in your sandwich?I find that sort of behaviour completely unacceptable.

A2 [ C ] a type of something:

We both like the same sort of music.
What sort of shoes does she wear?
I'm going to have a salad of some sort.
all sorts of sth

A2 many different types of something

sort of informal

B2 used to describe a situation approximately:

It's a sort of pale orange colour.
(and) that sort of thing informal

B1 used to show that what you have just said is only an example from a larger group of things:

They sell souvenirs, postcards, that sort of thing.
of sorts informal

used to describe something that is not a typical example:

He managed to make a curtain of sorts out of an old sheet.

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