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verb us uk /spred/ past tense and past participle spread
Extra Examples
She spread the cloth flat across the kitchen table.Spread the rug out on the floor.Spread the map out so that we can see it.Spread some newspaper across the floor to stop it getting dirty.Sheets had been spread over the furniture to prevent paint spills.
spread sth across/over/through, etc

B2 to arrange something so that it covers a large area:

He spread the cards out on the table.
TIME [ T ] also spread out

B2 to arrange for something to happen over a period of time and not at once:

The payments will be spread over two years.

B2 to increase, or move to cover a larger area or affect a larger number of people:

The smoke soon spread into all the rooms in the house.
The virus is spread by rats.

to move a soft substance across a surface so that it covers it:

He spread a thin layer of glue on the paper.

B2 If information spreads or if someone spreads it, it is communicated from one person to another:

News of his death spread quickly.

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