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noun us uk /steɪt/
Extra Examples
He seems to be in a perpetual state of confusion.Her car was in a sorry state after the accident.She's not in a fit state to drive.The housing market is still in a state of flux.What sort of state was he in when you arrived?

B2 the condition that something or someone is in:

the state of the economy
The building is in a terrible state.
in/into a state informal

very upset or nervous:

Ben was in a real state before the exam.
PART OF COUNTRY [ C ] also State

one of the parts that some countries such as the US are divided into:

Washington State
Alaska is the largest state in the US.

a country:

a union of European states
the state

the government of a country:

financial help from the state
state visit/occasion, etc
the States

the United States of America

→ See also police state , welfare state

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