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verb us uk /stɪk/ past tense and past participle stuck
Extra Examples
The preparation helps the paint to stick to the surface.The cake had stuck to the sides of the tin.The silicon stops the ingredients from sticking to the pan.Alice's hands were covered in glue and some of her fingers had stuck together.A piece of chewing gum had stuck to the bottom of his shoe.
JOIN [ I, T ]

B1 to become joined to something or to make something become joined to something else, usually with a substance like glue:

Anne stuck a picture of her boyfriend on the wall.
The stamp wouldn't stick to the envelope.
stick sth in/on/under, etc informal

to put something somewhere:

Just stick your bag under the table.
stick (sth) in/into/through, etc

B2 If something sharp sticks into something, it goes into it, and if you stick something sharp somewhere, you push it into something:

She stuck the needle into his arm.

to become fixed in one position and not be able to move:

This drawer has stuck - I can't open it.
can't stick sb/sth UK informal

to not like someone or something:

I can't stick her.
→ See also stick to your guns , poke/stick your nose into sth , stick/put your oar in

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