Bedeutung von “stick” — Learner’s Dictionary


verb us uk /stɪk/ past tense and past participle stuck
JOIN [ I, T ]

B1 to become joined to something or to make something become joined to something else, usually with a substance like glue:

Anne stuck a picture of her boyfriend on the wall.
The stamp wouldn't stick to the envelope.

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stick sth in/on/under, etc informal

to put something somewhere:

Just stick your bag under the table.
stick (sth) in/into/through, etc

B2 If something sharp sticks into something, it goes into it, and if you stick something sharp somewhere, you push it into something:

She stuck the needle into his arm.

to become fixed in one position and not be able to move:

This drawer has stuck - I can't open it.
can't stick sb/sth UK informal

to not like someone or something:

I can't stick her.
→ See also stick to your guns , poke/stick your nose into sth , stick/put your oar in

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