Bedeutung von “straight” — Learner’s Dictionary


adverb us uk /streɪt/
Extra Examples
The car in front stopped suddenly and I went straight into the back of it.Owen headed the ball straight into the back of the net.A helicoper can fly straight up and down.She dived straight down into the pool.The bullet passed straight through his arm.

A2 in a straight line:

It's straight ahead.
He was looking straight at me.

B1 immediately:

I went straight back to sleep.
sit up/stand up straight

B2 to sit or stand with your body vertical

not think straight

If you cannot think straight, you are not thinking clearly about something:

I was so tired, I couldn't think straight.
tell sb straight (out)

to tell someone the truth in a clear way:

I told him straight that he wasn't getting a pay increase.
straight away

B1 immediately:

Go there straight away.

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