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verb us uk /stretʃ/
Extra Examples
The fibres allow the material to stretch.The skin is then stretched across the top of the drum.The balloon will stretch as it is filled with gas.The software enables users to stretch or condense the letters.A tightrope had been stretched between the two buildings.
PULL [ I, T ]

B2 to become longer or wider, or to pull something so that it becomes longer or wider:

Don't pull my sweater - you'll stretch it.

B2 to make your body or part of your body straighter and longer:

Stretch your arms above your head.
stretch away/into, etc

to cover a large area:

The fields stretched away into the distance.
stretch into/over, etc

to continue for a long period of time:

The discussions will probably stretch into next month.
→ See also stretch your legs , bend/stretch the rules

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