Bedeutung von “suffer” — Learner’s Dictionary


verb us uk /ˈsʌfər/
Extra Examples
Seeing the children suffer really tears me apart.The early exponents of votes for women suffered greatly.She couldn't bear the thought of him suffering.It's not fair that his colleagues should suffer.Everyone suffers when an event like that occurs.
PAIN [ I, T ]

B2 to experience pain or unpleasant emotions:

I can't bear to see animals suffering.
suffer from sth

B1 to have an illness or other health problem:

She suffers from severe depression.
suffer a broken leg/a heart attack, etc

B2 to experience an injury or other sudden health problem:

He suffered a serious neck injury in the accident.
suffer damage/defeat/loss, etc

B2 to experience something bad such as damage/defeat/loss, etc


to become worse in quality:

If you're tired all the time, your work tends to suffer.

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