Bedeutung von “suppose” — Learner’s Dictionary


verb us uk /səˈpəʊz/
be supposed to do sth

B1 to be expected or intended to do something, especially when this does not happen:

These drugs are supposed to reduce the pain.
He was supposed to be here by nine.

B2 If you are supposed to do something, the rules say that you should do it:

You're supposed to pay by the end of the month.
You're not supposed to (= you should not) smoke in here.

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be supposed to be sth

B2 to be considered by many people to be something:

The scenery is supposed to be fantastic.

B1 [ T ] to think that something is likely to be true:

[ + (that) ] I suppose that you've already heard the news?
suppose/supposing (that)

used to introduce an idea for someone to consider:

Suppose he phones tonight. What should I say?
I suppose

A2 used to show that you are not certain or not completely happy about something:

It was quite interesting, I suppose.
I suppose so

B1 used to show agreement to something when you do not really want to:

"Can I come with you?" "I suppose so."

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