Bedeutung von “take” — Learner’s Dictionary


verb [ T ] us uk /teɪk/ past tense took, past participle taken

A1 to get and carry something with you when you go somewhere:

I always take my mobile phone with me.

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A1 to go somewhere with someone, often paying for them or being responsible for them:

I took the kids to the park.
I'm taking my wife to Florence for the weekend.

B1 to remove something without permission:

Someone's taken my coat.

B1 to get hold of something and move it:

He reached across and took the glass from her.

B1 to accept something:

So, are you going to take the job?
Do you take credit cards?

A2 If something takes a particular amount of time, or a particular quality, you need that amount of time or that quality in order to be able to do it:

[ + to do sth ] It's taken me three days to get here.
It takes a lot of courage to stand up and talk in front of so many people.

A2 to swallow or use medicine:

Take two tablets, three times a day.

to measure something:

Have you taken her temperature?

B1 to wear a particular size of clothes:

I take a size 12 in trousers.

to have enough space for a particular number of people or things:

There's six of us and the car only takes five.

A2 to travel somewhere by using a bus, train, car, etc, or by using a particular road:

Are you taking the train to Edinburgh?
Take the A316 towards Richmond.
take a break/rest, etc

B1 to stop working for a period:

If you're tired, take a rest.
take pleasure/pride/an interest, etc

B2 to have a particular, good feeling about something that you do:

These women take their jobs very seriously (= think their jobs are very important).
take a look

B1 to look at something:

Take a look at these photos.

to understand something in a particular way:

Whatever I say she'll take it the wrong way.
I take it (that)

used when you think that what you say is probably true:

I take it you're not coming with us.
can't take sth

B2 to not be able to deal with an unpleasant situation:

We argue all the time - I really can't take it any more.
take it from me

accept that what I say is true, because I know or have experienced it:

You could be doing a much less interesting job, take it from me.
take sth as it comes

to deal with something as it happens, without planning for it:

With an illness like this you just have to take every day as it comes.

to get control of something by force:

By morning they had taken the city.

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