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verb us uk /teər/ past tense tore, past participle torn
Extra Examples
The animal uses its claws to kill the prey and tear it apart.Begin by tearing the paper into thin strips.I accidently tore the page as I was turning it.Try not to tear the paper when you open the parcel.It's almost impossible to tear this fabric.

B1 to pull paper, cloth, etc into pieces, or to make a hole in it by accident:

The nail had torn a hole in my skirt.

B1 If paper, cloth, etc tears, it becomes damaged because it has been pulled:

The paper is very thin and tears easily.
tear sth out of/off/down, etc

to remove something by pulling it quickly and violently:

She tore his picture down from the wall.
tear along/about/past, etc informal

to move somewhere very quickly:

The kids were tearing around the house.
be torn between sth and sth

to be unable to decide between two choices:

I'm torn between the apple pie and the chocolate mousse.
→ See also pull/tear your hair out

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