Bedeutung von “terms” — Learner’s Dictionary


noun [ plural ] us uk /tɜːmz/

B2 the rules of an agreement:

Under the terms of their contract, employees must give 3 months notice if they want to leave.
be on good/bad/friendly, etc terms

to have a good/bad, etc relationship with someone

not be on speaking terms

to not speak to someone because you have argued with them

in ... terms also in terms of sth

B2 used to explain which part of a problem or situation you are referring to:

In financial terms, the project was not a success.
in no uncertain terms

in a direct and often angry way:

I told him to go away in no uncertain terms.
come to terms with sth

to accept a sad situation:

He still hasn't come to terms with his brother's death.
→ See also a contradiction in terms

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