Bedeutung von “test” — Learner’s Dictionary


noun [ C ] us uk /test/
Extra Examples
"I passed my driving test," she said with a smile.We've got a test at the end of term.I failed my history test - but then again, I didn't do much studying for it.She got full marks in the test.Even the most able students found the test difficult.

A1 a set of questions to measure someone's knowledge or ability:

a driving test
You have to take a test.
Only two students in the class failed the test.
Did you pass the biology test?

B1 a short medical examination of part of your body:

an eye test
a pregnancy test

something that you do to discover if something is safe, works correctly, etc:

a safety test

B2 a situation that shows how good something is:

This will be a real test of his ability.

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