Bedeutung von “that” — Learner’s Dictionary


pronoun us uk /ðæt/ plural those
Extra Examples
What is that underneath the table?Can I carry those for you?Can you answer that please?I'd never be able to get away with that.That's the house I was telling you about.

A1 used to refer to something that has already been talked about or seen:

That looks heavy.
You can't possibly wear those!

A1 used to refer to something that is not near you:

What's that in the corner?
that's it

B2 used to say that something is correct:

You need to push the two pieces together. That's it.

B1 used to say that something has ended:

Well that's it then, we've finished.
that's that

used to say that something has happened or a decision has been made and there is nothing more to say or do:

I won't agree to it and that's that.
that is (to say)

used to correct something you have said or give more information about something:

Everybody was at the meeting, well everyone except Jeanne, that is.

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