Bedeutung von “themselves” — Learner’s Dictionary


pronoun us uk /ðəmˈselvz/
Extra Examples
The terrorists had armed themselves with automatic rifles.The spectators sat in the bright sun, fanning themselves with newspapers.The British team have excelled themselves this year to reach the finals.They barricaded themselves in the building.The children can only come if they promise to behave themselves.

A2 the reflexive form of the pronoun 'they':

They're both 16 - they're old enough to look after themselves.

B2 used to emphasize the pronoun 'they' or the particular group of people you are referring to:

The staff themselves were unhappy with the decision.
They've decided to run the club themselves.
(all) by themselves

A2 alone or without anyone else's help:

The kids arranged the party all by themselves.
(all) to themselves

for their use only:

They had the whole campsite to themselves.

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