Bedeutung von “there” — Learner’s Dictionary


adverb us uk /ðeər/

A1 in or at a particular place:

We live in York because my wife works there.
I went to the party but I didn't know anyone there.
We'll never get there (= arrive) in time!

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A1 used when you are pointing or looking at something in order to make someone look in the same direction:

Put them in that box there.
Your bag's over there by the door.

present or available:

They were all there - Mark, Jill, and the three kids.
That money is there for you if you need it.

B2 at a particular point in a process or activity:

Do you want to play another game or do you want to stop there?
Keep on trying - you'll get there (= succeed) in the end.
there and then

If you do something there and then, you do it immediately:

I showed James the ring I liked and he bought it there and then.
There you are/go.

A2 used when you are giving something to someone:

Do you want a tissue? There you are.

used to emphasize that you were right:

There you go - I told you you'd win!

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