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determiner us uk /ðɪs/ plural these
Extra Examples
Parents use this report as a guide when choosing schools for their children.A lot of effort has gone into producing this play.Scientists have discovered the gene responsible for causing this disease.From the company's point of view, this is an excellent opportunity.Opportunities like this are few and far between.

A1 used to refer to something that you have already talked about:

Most people don't agree with this decision.
How did you hear about this course?

A1 used to refer to something or someone that is near you or that you are pointing to:

How much does this CD cost?
David gave me these earrings for my birthday.

A1 used to refer to the present week, month, year, etc or the one that comes next:

I'll see you this evening.
Kate and Nigel are getting married this June.

used to refer to a particular person or thing that you are going to talk about:

I met this guy at a party who knows your sister.
We went to this really great club last night.
→ See also be out of this world

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