Bedeutung von “thought” — Learner’s Dictionary


noun us uk /θɔːt/
Extra Examples
I was bored and my thoughts started to wander.Just the thought of all that work makes my head swim.That's funny, we must have had the same thought.What are your thoughts on the subject?We obviously have very different thoughts on the subject.
IDEA [ C ]

B1 an idea or opinion:

Do you have any thoughts about/on where you want to spend Christmas?
[ + of + doing sth ] The thought of seeing her again filled him with happiness.
informal "Why don't we invite Ben?" "That's a thought (= That's a good idea)."

B2 the activity of thinking, or when you think about something carefully:

She sat staring at the picture, deep in thought.
You'll need to give the matter some thought.
CARE [ no plural ]

something you do that shows you care about someone:

Thanks for the card - it was a really kind thought.

a set of ideas about a particular subject:

The book examines his influence on recent political thought.

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