Bedeutung von “too” — Learner’s Dictionary


adverb us uk /tuː/
Extra Examples
Her mother was too ill to travel.I'm too hot in this jacket.You attach too much importance to money.He'd drunk too much and was slurring his words.He said he's too busy, in other words, he isn't interested.
too small/heavy/much, etc

A1 used before adjectives and adverbs to mean 'more than is allowed, necessary, possible, etc':

The film is also far too long.
There are too many cars on the roads these days.
[ + to do sth ] I decided it was too early to get up and went back to sleep.

A1 also:

Do you know Jason too?
I'll probably go there next year too.
not too

A2 used before adjectives and adverbs to mean 'not very':

"How was your exam?" "Not too bad, I suppose."
I didn't play too well today.

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