Bedeutung von “train” — Learner’s Dictionary


verb us uk /treɪn/
Extra Examples
Her primary responsibility is to train new employees.Doctors are being trained to recognize the symptoms of disease.Someone will have to train the teachers to use the device.The staff have been training the volunteers for the last three weeks.Each student has been trained by an expert in the field.

B2 to teach someone how to do something, usually a skill that is needed for a job:

We are training all our staff in how to use the new computer system.
[ + to do sth ] The aid workers trained local people to give the injections.

B2 to learn the skills you need to do a job:

He trained as a lawyer in Vienna.
I'm trained in basic first aid.
SPORT [ I, T ]

B1 to practise a sport or exercise, often in order to prepare for a sporting event, or to help someone to do this:

He's been training hard for the race for several weeks now.

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