Bedeutung von “trick” — Learner’s Dictionary


noun [ C ] us uk /trɪk/
Extra Examples
I played a trick on her and pretended we'd eaten all the food.That was a mean trick to play on someone.He was the victim of a trick to defraud him of several hundred dollars.My eyes must be playing tricks on me!I'm not going to fall for any more of your tricks.

B1 something you do to deceive or cheat someone, or to make someone look stupid as a joke:

a trick question
I wasn't really ill - it was just a trick.
My little brother liked to play tricks on me (= do things to deceive me as a joke).

B2 an effective way of doing something:

What's the trick to pulling out this sofa bed?

B1 something that is done to entertain people and that seems to be magic:

a card trick

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