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noun us uk /tɜːn/
TIME [ C ]

B1 the time when you can or must do something, usually before or after someone else:

[ + to do sth ] It's your turn to feed the rabbit - I did it yesterday.
You'll have to be patient and wait your turn.

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take turns also UK take it in turns

B2 If two or more people take turns, one person does something, then another person does something, etc.:

[ + doing sth ] They all took turns carrying the suitcase.
[ + to do sth ] The children took it in turns to hold the baby.
in turn

one after another:

He spoke to the three boys in turn.

B2 a change in the direction in which you are moving or facing:

a right/left turn
BEND [ C ]

a bend or corner in a road, river, etc:

Take the next turn on the right.
turn of events

the way in which a situation develops, especially a sudden or unexpected change

take a turn for the better/worse
do sb a good turn

to do something to help someone

the turn of the century

the start of a new century

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