Bedeutung von “use” — Learner’s Dictionary


noun us uk /juːs/

A2 the act of using something, or of being used:

an increase in the use of mobile phones
Guests have free use of the hotel swimming pool.
Turn the machine off when it's not in use (= being used).

B1 a purpose for which something is used:

A food processor has a variety of uses in the kitchen.
Can you find a use for this box?
be (of) any/some use

B2 to be useful:

Is this book of any use to you?
be (of) no use

B2 to not be useful:

His advice was no use at all.
be no use; be no use doing sth

B2 used to say that trying to do something has no effect:

It was no use talking to him - he wouldn't listen.
It's no use! I just can't get this lid off.
WORD [ C ]

B1 one of the meanings of a word, or the way that a particular word is used:

Can you list all the uses of the verb 'go'?
the use of sth

permission to use something, or the ability to use something:

Martin has offered me the use of his car.
She lost the use of both legs in the accident.
make use of sth

to use something that is available:

We were encouraged to make use of all the facilities.

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