Bedeutung von “view” — Learner’s Dictionary


noun us uk /vjuː/

B1 your opinion:

We have different views about/on education.
In her view this is wrong.

Mehr Beispiele


A2 the things that you can see from a place:

There was a lovely view of the lake from the bedroom window.
ABILITY TO SEE [ no plural ]

B2 how well you can see something from a particular place:

We had a great view of the procession.

a position from which something can be seen:

The house was hidden from view behind a wall.
He turned the corner and the harbour came into view.
in full view of sb

happening where someone can easily see:

All this happened in full view of the cameras.
in view of sth formal

B2 because of something:

In view of recent events, we have decided to cancel the meeting.
with a view to doing sth formal

so that you can do something:

He's doing some improvements on the house with a view to selling it.
→ See also point of view

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