Bedeutung von “view” — Learner’s Dictionary


noun us uk /vjuː/
Extra Examples
They held the view that corporal punishment was good for children.I incline to the view that peace can be achieved.I certainly don't subscribe to the view that women are morally superior to men.This view is gaining currency within the government.Do you support their views on nuclear weapons?

B1 your opinion:

We have different views about/on education.
In her view this is wrong.

A2 the things that you can see from a place:

There was a lovely view of the lake from the bedroom window.
ABILITY TO SEE [ no plural ]

B2 how well you can see something from a particular place:

We had a great view of the procession.

a position from which something can be seen:

The house was hidden from view behind a wall.
He turned the corner and the harbour came into view.
in full view of sb

happening where someone can easily see:

All this happened in full view of the cameras.
in view of sth formal

B2 because of something:

In view of recent events, we have decided to cancel the meeting.
with a view to doing sth formal

so that you can do something:

He's doing some improvements on the house with a view to selling it.
→ See also point of view

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