Bedeutung von “vote” — Learner’s Dictionary


noun [ C ] us uk /vəʊt/
Extra Examples
'Every vote counts' is a familiar refrain in politics.We waited in dead silence as the votes were counted.He didn't get quite enough votes to win.The motion was carried by 210 votes to 160.There were 70 votes for the new proposal and 30 against.

B1 the act of showing your choice or opinion in an election or meeting by writing a cross on an official piece of paper or putting your hand up:

He lost the election by twenty votes.

B2 a way of making a decision by asking a group of people to vote:

We called a meeting in order to take a vote on the proposal.
the vote

the total number of votes given or received in an election:

The Green party got 10% of the vote.

the right to vote in elections:

In some countries women still don't have the vote.

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