Bedeutung von “war” — Learner’s Dictionary


noun us uk /wɔːr/
Extra Examples
The southern coast was heavily mined during the war.The war had a profound impact on people's lives.The whole area has been ravaged by war.The factories were bombed during the war.These talks do not look likely to end the war.

A2 fighting, using soldiers and weapons, between two or more countries, or two or more groups inside a country:

They've been at war for the past five years.
He was only a child when the war broke out (= started).
If this country goes to war (= starts to fight in a war), thousands of people will die.

a situation in which two or more groups are trying to be more successful than each other:

a price war between supermarkets
TO STOP [ no plural ]

an attempt to stop something bad or illegal:

the war against crime/drugs
→ See also civil war , prisoner of war , world war

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