Bedeutung von “well” — Learner’s Dictionary


adjective [ never before noun ] us uk /wel/ better, best
Extra Examples
She looked amazingly well."I don't feel well," he croaked.Get some rest and you'll soon be well again.He's not well enough to travel.He's now well enough to walk unaided.

A1 healthy:

to feel/look well
I'm not very well.
Are you feeling better now?
→ Opposite unwell
all is well

B1 everything is in a good or acceptable state:

I hope all is well with Jack.
be all very well

used to show that you do not agree with something or that you are annoyed about something:

It's all very well for her to say everything's fine, she doesn't have to live here.
be (just) as well

used to say that something might be a good thing to do or happen:

[ + (that) ] It was just as well that you left when you did.
→ See also be alive and kicking/well

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