Bedeutung von “well” — Learner’s Dictionary


exclamation us uk /wel/
Extra Examples
"I'm going out now." "Well, don't be back too late.""Can I have friends rounds on Saturday?" "Well, I suppose so.""Is the report ready yet?" "Well, nearly."" I just spoke to Drew." "Well, what did he say?""How was the meal?" "Well, some of it was okay."

A1 used at the beginning of a sentence to pause slightly or to express doubt or disagreement:

"You'll go, won't you?" "Well, I'm not sure."
"You said the food was bad." "Well, I didn't exactly say that."
SURPRISE also well, well

used to express surprise:

Well, well, I never expected that to happen.
oh well

B1 used to say that a situation cannot be changed although it might be disappointing:

Oh well, it doesn't matter, I can always buy another one.

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