Bedeutung von “while” — Learner’s Dictionary


conjunction us uk /waɪl/ also UK whilst, uk /waɪlst/ us

A2 during the time that:

I read a magazine while I was waiting.
I can't talk to anyone while I'm driving.
While you're away, I might decorate the bathroom.

Mehr Beispiele

  • I met my old English teacher while trekking in the Alps.
  • Let's go now while it's still light.
  • Could you forward my mail to me while I'm away?
  • Did you visit St Petersburg while you were in Russia?
  • Wait here while I get the car.

B2 although:

And while I like my job, I wouldn't want to do it forever.

B1 used to compare two different facts or situations:

Tom is very confident while Katy is shy and quiet.

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