Bedeutung von “within” — Learner’s Dictionary


preposition us uk /wɪˈðɪn/
Extra Examples
He repaid the loan within two years.Failure to pay within 14 days will result in prosecution.I ordered it over the Internet and within a few days, it duly arrived.You'll receive written confirmation of your reservation within five days.If the operation is successful, she should be walking within a few months.

B1 before a particular period of time has finished:

The ambulance arrived within 10 minutes.
Consume within two days of purchase.

B1 less than a particular distance from something:

She was born within 20 miles of New York.
The hotel is within easy reach of (= near) the airport.

inside an area, group, or system:

a dispute within the department
There's a pharmacy within the hospital building.

B2 not outside the limits of something:

The project was completed well within budget.
within the law/the rules/your rights, etc

allowed according to the law/the rules/your rights, etc:

You're perfectly within your rights to complain.

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