Bedeutung von “work” — Learner’s Dictionary


verb us uk /wɜːk/
JOB [ I, T ]

A1 to do a job, especially the job you do to earn money:

Helen works for a computer company.
He works as a waiter in an Italian restaurant.
My dad works very long hours (= he works a lot of hours).

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A2 If a machine or piece of equipment works, it is not broken:

Does this radio work?
The washing machine isn't working.

B1 If something works, it is effective and successful:

Her plan to get rid of me didn't work.
can work sth; know how to work sth

to know how to use a machine or piece of equipment:

Do you know how to work the dishwasher?

to do something that needs a lot of time or effort, or to make someone do this:

[ + to do sth ] He's been working to improve his speed.
Our teacher works us very hard.
work your way around/through/up, etc sth

to achieve something gradually:

I have a pile of homework to work my way through.

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