Bedeutung von “yes” — Learner’s Dictionary


exclamation us uk /jes/
Extra Examples
"Is her new car faster than her old one?" "Oh yes, much.""Would you like a lift home?" "Oh yes, please."The answer, in a nutshell, is yes."Did you see Helen at the party?" "Yes, she was there with Andrea.""Did you enjoy your meal?" "Yes thanks, it was delicious."

A1 used to agree with something, or to give a positive answer to something:

"Can I borrow your pencil?" "Yes, of course."
"Are you feeling better?" "Yes, thanks."
"Coffee?" " Yes, please."

A1 used as an answer when someone calls you:

"Jack!" "Yes?"

A2 used to disagree with a negative announcement:

"He's not here yet." "Yes he is, I've just seen him."

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