Bedeutung von “yourself” — Learner’s Dictionary


pronoun us uk /jɔːˈself/ plural yourselves
Extra Examples
Don't try to cook lunch by yourself - you'll only mess it up.You shouldn't be so hard on yourself.You have to learn to discipline yourself.You've got to ask yourself whether it's what you really want.You're making things difficult for yourself.

A2 the reflexive form of the pronoun 'you':

Don't cut yourself with that sharp knife.

B2 used to emphasize the pronoun 'you' when talking about the actions of the person you are speaking to:

Did you make the dress yourself?
(all) by yourself/yourselves

A2 alone or without anyone else's help:

I'm amazed you managed to move those boxes all by yourself.
(all) to yourself

for your use only:

So you've got the whole house to yourself this weekend?

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