Translation of "line" - English-Arabic dictionary


noun uk /laɪn/ us /lɑɪn/

A2 a long, thin mark

خَطّ / سَطْر
Sign your name on the line at the bottom.
Draw a line around your hand.

B1 a row of words on a page, for example in a song or poem

The same line is repeated throughout the poem.

B1 a track that a train travels along

خَطّ القِطار
Which train line do you take to work?

B1 US UK queue a line of people waiting for something

طابور / صَفّ
There was a long line of people outside the shop.

a connection between phones

حَبْل / سِلْك

a piece of rope or wire with a special purpose

حَبْل / سِلْك
a fishing line

a row of people or things

طابور / صَفّ
a line of trees
lines [ plural ]

the marks that older people have on their faces, when the skin is loose

verb uk /laɪn/ us /lɑɪn/ present participle lining, past tense and past participle lined

to form a row along the side of something

يُشَكِّل صَفًا
Trees and cafés lined the street.
be lined with something

to cover the inside of a piece of clothing with a material

a jacket lined with fur

Phrasal verb(s)

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