Translation of "opposite" - English-Arabic dictionary


adjective uk /ˈɒp·ə·zɪt/ us /ˈɑ·pə·zɪt, ˈɑ·pə·sɪt/

B1 in a position facing someone or something but on the other side

We live on opposite sides of the city.

completely different

عَكْسي / مُخالِف
My attempt to calm him down had the opposite effect.
adverb, preposition uk /ˈɒp·ə·zɪt/ us /ˈɑp·ə·zɪt, ˈɑp·ə·sɪt/

A2 in a position facing something or someone but on the other side

The couple sat down opposite her.
Is there a bakery opposite your house?
noun uk /ˈɒpəzɪt/ us /ˈɑp·ə·zɪt, ˈɑp·ə·sɪt/

B1 someone or something that is completely different from another person or thing

He’s the exact opposite of my father.

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