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noun uk /pɔɪnt/ us /pɔɪnt/

B1 a unit used for showing who is winning in a game

Our team is five points ahead.
The Knicks are ahead by 12 points.

B1 an opinion, idea, or fact that someone says or writes

He made / some interesting points about the election.
He explained his point by drawing a diagram.

a quality that someone has

I know she’s bossy, but she has lots of good points too.

the thin, sharp end of something

سِنّ (السِّكين مَثَلاً)
the point of a needle

a particular time in an event or process

وَقْت مُعَيَّن
At this point in the day, I’m too tired to think.

the reason for or purpose of something

مَغْزَى / هَدَف /فائدة مِن وَراء …
What’s the point of going to college if you can’t get a job afterwards?

an opinion or fact that should be considered seriously

‘She’s always complaining that the office is cold.’ ‘Well, she has a point (= that is true).’
‘How are we going to get there if there are no trains?’ ‘That’s a good point.’
the point

the most important part of what has been said or written

فِكْرة رَئيسِيّة
Come on, get to the point!
The point is, if you don’t claim the money now, you might never get it.
up to a point


جِزْئيًا / إلى حدٍّ ما
What he says is true up to a point.

also decimal point the mark (.) that is used to separate the two parts of a decimal

عَلامة عَشريّة
One mile equals one point six (= 1.6) kilometres.

one of the marks on a compass

نُقطة تَقسيم البوصْلة
the points of the compass

a particular place

This is the point where the pipes enter the building.

a device connected to an electricity system that a plug fits into in order to supply electricity to something

be on the point of doing something

to be going to do something very soon

يَكون عَلى وَشك القيام بِشيء
Amy was on the point of crying.
make a point of doing something

to be certain that you always do a particular thing

يَحْرِص عَلى
He made a point of learning all the names of his staff.
verb uk /pɔɪnt/ us /pɔɪnt/

A2 to show where someone or something is by holding your finger or a thin object towards it

She pointed to a bird in the tree.

B1 to hold something so that it faces towards someone or something

She pointed / her gun at them.

B1 to face towards a particular direction

يَشير إلى
The road sign points left.

Phrasal verb(s)

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