Translation of "record" - English-Arabic dictionary


noun uk /ˈrek·ɔːd/ us /ˈrek·ərd/

B1 the best, biggest, longest, tallest, etc.

رَقَم قياسي
He holds the / world record in the marathon.

information that is written on paper or stored on a computer so that it can be used in the future

medical records
My teacher keeps / a record of my absences.

A person’s or company’s record is the behaviour or achievements of that person or company.

They have the best safety record of all the airlines.

music that has been recorded and is available for the public to buy


a flat plastic disc on which music is recorded



verb uk /rɪˈkɔːd/ us /rɪˈkɔrd/

A2 to store sounds or pictures using electronic equipment, a camera, etc. so that you can listen to them or see them again

They have just recorded a new album.
I recorded that programme for you.

to write down information or store it on a computer so that it can be used in the future

He recorded details of their conversation in his diary.

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