Translation of "spread" - English-Arabic dictionary


verb uk /spred/ us /spred/ past tense and past participle spread

to arrange something so that it covers a large area

يَنْشُر / يَمُدّ
He spread / the cards out on the table.

to affect a larger number of people

يَمْتَد / يَنْتَشِر
The virus is spread by rats.

to move a soft substance across a surface so that it covers it

يَبْسُط / يَفْرِش
He spread / a thin layer of glue on the paper.

to tell information to a lot of people

News of his death spread quickly.
Spread the word – there’s a party tomorrow.
noun uk /spred/ us /spred/

[ no plural ] the degree to which something moves to cover a larger area or affect a larger number of people, or the fact of doing this

They are looking for ways to slow down the spread of the disease.

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