Translation of "to" - English-Arabic dictionary


uk // us //

A1 used with a verb to make the infinitive

تُسْتَخْدَم بَعْد الفِعْل لِبَيان المَصْدَر

A2 used to give the reason for doing something

لِكَي / حَتى
I’m just going out to get some milk.


preposition uk strong /tuː/ us strong /tu/ weak /, / weak /, / us strong /tu/ weak /, /

A1 in the direction of something

I ran to the door.

A2 used to show who gets something

Could you give these keys to Pete?
from… to…

A2 used to give information about periods of time and distances

مِن … إلى
The museum is open from Monday to Saturday.
The bus goes from London to Cambridge.

A1 used to say ‘before’ the hour when you are saying what time it is

إلا (لِلوَقْت)
It’s five to three.

B1 used to say who is treated in a particular way or who or what is affected by something

She was very kind to us.

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