Translation of "cut" - English-Catalan dictionary


verb uk /kʌt/ us /kʌt/ present participle cutting, past tense and past participle cut

A2 to use a knife or other sharp tool to divide something or make a hole in something

Cut the meat into small pieces.
He cut the piece of wood in half.
I had my hair cut last week.
cut something/yourself

B1 to hurt a part of your body on a sharp object that makes you bleed

tallar-se (ac)
She cut her finger on some broken glass.

to reduce the size or amount of something

retallar, reduir
Prices have been cut by 25 percent.

to remove part of a movie or piece of writing

The movie was too long, so they cut some scenes.
noun uk /kʌt/ us /kʌt/

B1 an injury made when the skin is cut with something sharp

He got some cuts and bruises in the accident.

a reduction in the number or amount of something

retallada, reducció
job cuts
The workers were angry about the cut in pay.

an opening made with a sharp tool

She made a cut in the material.

a situation in which the supply of something is stopped

apagada, tall
a power cut

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