Translation of "day" - English-Catalan dictionary


noun uk /deɪ/ us /deɪ/

A1 a period of 24 hours

the days of the week
I saw her the day before yesterday.

A2 the period during the day when there is light from the sun

a bright, sunny day

A2 the time that you usually spend at work or school

It’s been a very busy day at the office.
one day

A2 used to talk about something that happened in the past

un dia
One day, I came home to find my windows smashed.
these days

A2 used to talk about the present period of time

avui dia
I don’t go out much these days.
for days

B1 for a long time

fa dies
I haven’t seen Jack for days.
one day/one of these days

B1 used to talk about something you think will happen in the future

algun dia/un dia d’aquests
One of these days I’ll tell her what really happened.
the other day

B1 a few days ago

l’altre dia
I saw Terry in the bank the other day.
day after day

every day for a long period of time

un dia darrere l’altre
Day after day they marched through the mountains.
that’ll be the day

something you say in order to show you think that something is unlikely to happen

això caldrà veure-ho

(Translation of “day” from the Cambridge English-Catalan Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)