Translation of "distress" - English-Catalan dictionary


noun [ no plural ] uk /dɪˈstres/ us /dɪˈstres/

the feeling of being very upset or worried

aflicció, angoixa
The newspaper reports caused her a great deal of distress.

the fact of someone or something being in danger and needing help

an aircraft in distress
verb uk /dɪˈstres/ us /dɪˈstres/

to make someone feel upset or worried

afligir, angoixar
The news distressed her.
distressing adjective /dɪˈstres·ɪŋ/ /dɪˈstres·ɪŋ/

angoixós, dolorós
a distressing experience

(Translation of “distress” from the Cambridge English-Catalan Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)