Translation of "fancy" - English-Catalan dictionary


adjective uk /ˈfæn·si/ us /ˈfæn·si/

expensive and fashionable

a fancy restaurant

complicated or having a lot of decoration

That dress is too fancy for a little girl.
verb uk /ˈfæn·si/ us /ˈfæn·si/ present participle fancying, past tense and past participle fancied UK informal

B1 to want to have or do something

tenir ganes de
Do you fancy a drink?

to feel sexually attracted to someone

sentir-se atret per
I fancied him the first time I saw him.
noun uk /ˈfæn·si/ us /ˈfæn·si/
take a fancy to someone/something

to start to like someone or something a lot

agafar afecte a algú, agafar afició a ac
Marina had taken a fancy to her.

(Translation of “fancy” from the Cambridge English-Catalan Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)