Translation of "fight" - English-Catalan dictionary


verb uk /faɪt/ us /fɑɪt/ past tense and past participle fought

B1 to try to hurt someone using your body or weapons

barallar-se, lluitar
Two men were fighting outside the bar.

to argue

Don’t fight in front of the children!

to take part in a war

Thousands of young men fought in the war.

to try hard to stop something bad from happening, or to get or achieve something

She fought against racism.
They are fighting for their freedom.
noun uk /faɪt/ us /fɑɪt/

B1 a situation in which people try to hurt each other using their body or weapons

He gets into a lot of fights.

an argument

My parents had a big fight about money.

a situation in which people try very hard to achieve something or to stop something

She was brave in her fight against cancer.
a fight for freedom

(Translation of “fight” from the Cambridge English-Catalan Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)