Translation of "need" - English-Catalan dictionary


verb uk /niːd/ us /nid/

A1 If you need something, you must have it, and if you need to do something, you must do it.

I need some new shoes.
I need to ask you a few questions.
We need you to look after the children for us.
not need to do something

A2 used in order to say that someone does not have to do something or should not do something

no haver de fer ac
You don’t need to go.

B1 If something needs doing or needs to be done, it should be done in order to be better.

Do these clothes need washing?
noun uk /niːd/ us /nid/

something that is necessary to have or do

There’s an urgent need for fresh water.
Is there any need to change the system?
be in need of something

to need something

necessitar ac
My car is in need of repair.
there is no need to do something/for something

If there is no need to do something or no need for something, it is not necessary or it is wrong.

no cal (fer) ac
There’s no need to go to the supermarket- there’s plenty of food here.
I understand why she was angry, but there was no need to be so rude to him.
needs [ plural ]

the things you need in order to have a good life

her emotional needs
A home and food are basic needs.

(Translation of “need” from the Cambridge English-Catalan Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)