Translation of "round" - English-Catalan dictionary


adjective uk /raʊnd/

A2 in the shape of a circle or ball

a round table
round eyes
adverb, preposition uk /raʊnd/ also around

A2 to someone’s home

a casa
Wendy’s coming round this afternoon.

A2 on all sides of something

al voltant de
We sat round the table.

B1 in a circular movement

en cercle
This switch makes the wheels go round.

B1 from one place or person to another

d’un lloc a un altre/d’una persona a una altra
Could you pass these forms round, please?

B1 to the opposite direction

en direcció contrària, cap a l’altra banda
She looked round.

B1 to or in different parts of a place

arreu de
He showed me round the flat.

near an area

prop de
Do you live round here?
round and round

moving in a circle without stopping

fent voltes
We drove round and round trying to find the hotel.
noun uk /raʊnd/
first, second, final, etc. round

the first, second, final, etc. stage in a competition

primera, segona, tercera, etc. volta
He was beaten in the first round.

(Translation of “round” from the Cambridge English-Catalan Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)