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uk /ˈeɪ.bəl/ us /ˈeɪ.bəl/

able adjective (CAN DO)

be able to do sth

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A2 to have the necessary physical strength, mental power, skill, time, money, or opportunity to do something

Will she be able to cope with the work? 她能应付这项工作吗?
He's never been able to admit to his mistakes. 他从来就不会承认自己的错误。
I'm sorry that I wasn't able to phone you yesterday. 对不起,昨天我没能给你打电话。
It's so wonderful being able to see the sea from my window. 能从我的窗口看到大海,真是太妙了。
be better able to do something

to find it easier to do something

Get a good night's sleep and you'll feel better able to cope. 晚上好好睡一觉,更容易解决问题。

able adjective (SKILFUL)

C2 intelligent or good at what you do

an able child/student/secretary 聪明的孩子/有才华的学生/精干的秘书
This problem is now being looked at by some of the ablest minds/scientists in the country. 现在国内一些最有才干的人/科学家正在研究这个难题。


uk / -ə.bəl/ us / -ə.bəl/ also ible

-able suffix (CAN BE)

added to verbs to form adjectives that mean able to receive the action of the stated verb

breakable 会破的
washable 可洗的
movable 可移动的

-able suffix (WORTH BEING)

added to verbs to form adjectives that mean worth receiving the action of the stated verb

an admirable person 值得尊敬的人
an acceptable answer 令人满意的答案

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