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uk /ˌæb.səˈluː us /ˌæb.səˈluː

B1 completely

I believed/trusted him absolutely. 我绝对相信/信任他。
You must be absolutely silent or the birds won't appear. 你必须绝对安静,不然鸟儿就不会飞出来。
We've achieved absolutely nothing today. 我们今天真是一事无成。

B1 used for adding force to a strong adjective that is not usually used with "very" or to a verb expressing strong emotion

(用在通常不和 very 连用的形容词前或表示强烈感情的动词前,以加强语气)确实地,绝对地,极其
It's absolutely impossible to work with all this noise. 噪音这么大,根本没法工作。
The food was absolutely disgusting/delicious. 这食物实在是难以下咽/美味无比。
I absolutely loathe/adore jazz. 我对爵士乐讨厌得要死/喜欢得要命。

B2 used as a strong way of saying "yes"

"It was an excellent film, though." "Absolutely!" “不过这部电影很不错。”“那是当然!”
absolutely not

C2 used as a strong way of saying "no"

"Are you too tired to continue?" "Absolutely not!" “你是不是太累了,无法继续下去了?”“当然不是!”

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